♥ a part of Cassiopeia ♥ Shim Changmin Pet's ♥ so far out of reach. wish that they could see that underneath i'm just an ordinary girl ♥

Real Name                          : Shim Changmin/ 심창민
Stage name                         : Max Choikang
Vocal part                          : High vocal
Date of Birth                      : February 18, 1988
Birthplace                          : Seoul
Profession                          : Singer (DBSK), Actor, Songwriter, Dancer, Composer  and Model
Height                                  : 189 cm
Weight                                 : 62 kg
Blood type                         : B
Religion                              : Buddhism
Star sign                             : Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac                 : Dragon
Hobbies                               : Games, singing and listening to music
Awards                                : 6th Annual SM Best Competition – Best Singing 1st Place & Best Artist of the Competition

and the Fact :

  1. He was born in Seoul
  2. He is 189cm tall and weighs 62kg
  3. He is the youngest in DBSK
  4. His ideal type of girl is always changing
  5. Changmin doesn’t like his thick hair
  6. Changmin wants to go jogging with his girlfriend if he has one
  7. He like to exercise and can run very fast
  8. Before debut, he would make up excuses as to why he misses his classes. Each time was always family funeral and when he couldn’t make that one up he’d say something else. No one was curious because he has a wide range of  relatives
  9. He is amazed by girls who can speak english
  10. Changmin keep things to himself but when he gets angry he will suddenly explode
  11. He said that he will not pierce his ear as he does not believe on making holes to the body his parents gave him but, after that he pierced his ear
  12. He is the best swimmer in the group
  13. He got into one of Korea’s top universities
  14. Changmin’s parents are both teachers
  15. Changmin’s first kiss was taken away by Jaejoong and he cried. Changmin was sleeping and Jaejoong thought that he looks cute
  16. Changmin’s happiest moment was when he first step in to SM
  17. He eats eight meals a day
  18. When he is happy he eats a lot. When he is sad he eats a lot too
  19. Changmin wants to learn Japanese words which people seldom use
  20. His Japanese is the best in DBSK
  21. Changmin talks in his sleep. He can even reply people’s question when he’s asleep
  22. Changmin never thought to beat people like Jaejoong because the first time he saw Jae he thought that he is cold and serious
  23. He and Jaejoong show their love by beating each other
  24. Members think that Changmin is a cassanova
  25. Changmin would write notes to remind Yunho to eat
  26. In order to make Yunho seem taller, Changmin would bend his knees a little.
  27. Changmin was attacked by a fan in China who threw a bag at him, scream at him and told him to die
  28. His favorite movie is Harry Potter
  29. He doesn’t talk much
  30. He gets flu very easily
  31. Changmin thinks That a girl is most beautiful when she is washing the dishes, he feels like hugging her from behind
  32. He is an expert in peeling fruits
  33. If he must date a DBSK member, he will date Junsu because he is pure and innocent
  34. He has the poorest eyesight in DBSK
  35. He and Yoochun likes to eat at night. Once, Yoochun woke up and ate without him and Changmin nagged at him
  36. Yoochun used to sleep the most but now it’s Changmin
  37. He has Hamtaro PJ’s and Jaejoong borrows it from him
  38. He liked actress Han Ga In, but when she got marries he changed his computer’s wallpaper
  39. Before he debuted Changmin always says that he looks like Kangta and Jajeoong would get annoyed because he likes Kangta
  40. He was afraid to be a singer but his mother encouraged him
  41. He has strong concentration
  42. His eyes mismatch when he smiles happily
  43. Changmin replies to every single fan’s UFO messages
  44. Changmin can scream very nicely that’s is why he screamed ion MIROTIC and RISING SUN
  45. He admitted that his fashion is bad
  46. Changmin has fallen asleep on stage before
  47. He admitted that he watch ADULT VIDEOS to a show where his mother was present
  48. His favorite number is 7
  49. He is most shy in DBSK
  50. Changmin trained in the Gym so that he could win Jaejoong in fights


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