Hello …… long time no see *cozy*

Btw, Happy Eid Day. Semoga kembali menjadi fitri dan suci dan makin taat kepada Allah SWT, maafkan jika saya punya kesalahan yang disengaja ataupun tidak *hugs*

Banyak yang bilang `kemana aja jarang online ? ` hehehe lagi males aja maen di dunia maya, sibuk ama kerjaan, sibuk ama dirumah di tambah biasa sakit pasca lebaran -______- dan menganti nya dengan nonton DVD lol. Dari ngabisin drama sampai nonton variety show, tapi tetep update about my lovely changmin *kissu*

Anyway, beberapa hari terakhir saya menenukan Qoute yang benar – benar bikin saya tercengang … and this ….

If you are a cassie, You definitely know Changmin is a super genius singer, he just does’t want to be in spotlight,– My Friend in Twitter

Changmin can sing in high and low note and compare with other members, he always sing in the melody that need voice control very much,– My Friend in twitter

uknow ? … They can’t back. Don’t back. Back to where ?? i realy don’t care JYJ, i don’t use `hate` or `dislike` to JYJ, but I HATE YUNJAE !! i never think they are or were REAL !,— pppapa

After chaos, we stuck it out through the hard times. We’re still standing here. We are DONG BANG SHIN KI,–Black_Tortoise at continueTVXQ

I’m In TVXQ Music side and of course in HOMIN side cause my baby was there ! understand ? ,— Keiko in Livejournal

I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world.
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic. You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere. Imagination life is your creation,–Jessica SNSD

“TVXQ was basically my entrie life from the day of our debut”,– Shim Changmin ( Ginger Magazine Interview )

I’d become very talkative and happy. Alcohol is happy thing,– Shim Changmin

TVXQ is important for my life,– Shim Changmin in TVXQ

What you think ???  …